“Identity” by Mollie Spirn

I was just doing some cleaning and found this poem by my grandmother. It is in the newsletter for the San Francisco Jewish Home for the Aged, where she spent the last decade of her life. The poem’s by-line reads, “By Mollie Spirn, wife of resident Harold Spirn,” which means she wasn’t yet a resident … Continue reading “Identity” by Mollie Spirn

Letter from Adam’s Art Opening with Bandelion Theater Group

Hi everyone,  I went to such an incredible art exhibit this weekend! It combined painting, dance, acting and music, showcased a diverse range of bodies of different ages, races, abilities, and was an incredibly inspiring example of how different arts can combine to enrich one another.  You guys may have heard me mention my close friend and life … Continue reading Letter from Adam’s Art Opening with Bandelion Theater Group


  The title sounds fun, but it’s kind of a sad poem. Sorry. I just wrote it on an airplane. I might read it this weekend at Saturday Night Special, along with this poem, since they seem to both fall under the I am uncomfortable with my female body theme. I don’t write poems often, so two … Continue reading Boobs


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