Divine Sharpness


The Divine Sharpness in the Heart of God is a novel by Karin Spirn.


Gavin Cheng-Johnson has fallen out of love. He’s out of love with being a graduate student. He’s out of love with teaching. He’s even out of love with Liam Stump, the playwright whose bloody, anguished works used to incite storms of ecstasy in Gavin’s undergraduate soul. All he wants is to finish his dissertation, secure a job as an English professor and move the hell out of Indiana before he dies of boredom and depression.

But Rona Gomez won’t let him get away so easy. A student in Gavin’s English composition course, Rona is crazy for postmodern philosophy, mind expansion and experimental theater. She’s on a mission to try every life-altering experience, from underground boxing to erotic role-play to psychedelic drugs. And she wants Gavin to try them all with her. 

In Rona, Gavin rediscovers his own lost passion for life, literature and Liam Stump. He’ll follow her almost anywhere, to the places he is most afraid to go, to the remotest reaches of his own psyche. But when she asks him to follow her to New York—to give up the academic career he has pursued for a decade—that might be too far. Sure, his life as a scholar is miserable and empty. But miserable emptiness has been his life for so long that without it, he might not have a life at all. 

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Thanks to Adam Hunter Caldwell for the beautiful cover art! 

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