Interstellar Burst

Is there some way to write like Radiohead? 

I’ve listened to this song a bazillion times—-Airbag from OK Computer, one of my favorite albums to write to–but today I looked up the lyrics. 

In an interstellar burst

I am back to save the universe. 

No. Really? 

I would have guessed…hmm…

Into stay the past, 

I’m back to sing to you. 

Not that that makes any sense. But the lyrics are un-gettable. They’re draped over the music in a scrambled way, the accents all in the wrong places. Thom Yorke belting it out like drunken karaoke, and no words intelligible, just an irrestistable stream of emotion and voice and syllables. 

I love that. I love anyone who can do that. Use words as a medium without their meaning. Like scatting with secret messages. 

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs do it on my favorite song of theirs, Bang

As a fuck son, you sucked. 

(Try saying that out loud, and see if you can understand yourself). 

And Pink Floyd on Pigs

Big man, pig man

Haha, charade you are. 

All songs that people might sing along with at the top of their lungs, without having any idea what they’re saying. 

So, so cool. Someday I’ll learn some non-musical way to do this. 

I suspect it might involve poetry, though…



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